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  • Over 5000 aches and pains, sorted!

    The clinic has treated over 5000 patients, helping with many muscular and skeletal aches-and-pains including low back, shoulder, neck, hip and knee pain. We are one of a select few in the UK who are fully qualified Frozen Shoulder specialists, working with the very latest techniques to ease this chronic condition.

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    Healthy Sporting Life
  • Stretching comes naturally to all of us.

    Stretching makes us feels good and gets us ready for action. As you age your muscles lose flexibility and joints stiffen, a regular stretching programme can improve flexibility and make daily activities easier. There are simple stretches that can be done watching television, using a computer or getting ready for bed. It does not require a great commitment and is suitable for people of all ages.

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    Stretching comes naturally
  • Back pain, shoulder pain, neck ache from Gardening?

    Yarm Osteopaths have been helping keen gardeners for many years, both in treating aches, pains and injuries and then giving great advice and maintenance programmes to keep you fighting fit to tackle those gardening jobs.

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    Back pain, shoulder pain, neck ache from Gardening?
  • A Healthy Sporting Life.

    If you’re taking up a new sporting activity, you should seek the advice of a coach, trainer or instructor, and ask for an appropriate training programme for your age, experience and fitness.

    Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional, an osteopath and physiotherapist can help with the prevention and treatment of common sporting injuries.

    A Healthy Sporting Life
  • Computer and office work.

    Common problems we treat due to poor posture and prolonged hours sitting at work include repetitive strain injuries (RSI), low back pain, neck and shoulder ache, wrist and elbow problems, hip problems, muscle fatigue and tension headaches.

    We can provide guidance on how to set up your desk and workstation which can be vital in your recovery.

    Computer and office work related injuries